Introduction to Business Environment


Business Environment consists of factors that have a bearing on the business, like strengths and weakness, internal power relationships and orientations of the organization, government policy, and regulations etc.

Business Environment includes set of external and internal factors which affect the decision of business and it is divided into two parts. These are Microenvironment of business and other is the Macro environment, Microenvironment consists of Suppliers, customers, market intermediaries, financial intermediaries, competitors and Public. Macro environment to the business is Economic Environment, political and government environment, Socio-Culture Environment, Natural environment, Demographic environment, Technological Environment, international environment.

Business environment usually contains the environment outside the organization which has an impact on the operations of the management. Business has many characteristics like transition, Competition, opportunities, Globalization, Technology, and Information relating to organization as well as competitors

The business environment is used to build relationship among different environment either internal or external. The internal Environment consists of Promoters and shareholders value, mission or objective, management structure, internal power relationship and physical assets and facilities. Also, does internal environment includes company image, brand equity, human resources, financial capabilities, technological capabilities and marketing capabilities. Based on this decision are made by the business for smooth flow and functions.

Then the business environment includes both micros environment and macro environment which involves suppliers, customers, competitors, market intermediaries and political, legal, demographic, global, social culture and technological environment are the one’s considered before taking a decision in the organization depending upon the requirement.

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  • Environmental scanning – Meaning, Nature, and Scope
  • Economic and Non-Economic Environment
  • Interaction Between Internal and External Environments
  • Overview of Political Environment
  • Overview of Socio- Cultural Environment
  • Overview of Legal Environment
  • Overview of Technological Environment
  • Overview of Global Environment

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