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Audio signal Processing Homework help

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Audio Signal Processing Technology

In general, audio signals are in two formats such as digital and analog. Audio signal processing is a way of altering input signals for certain corrections in it. This alteration finally results in quality enhancement of the signal. This is done in two ways such as analog processing and digital processing.

In analog processing, an electric input signal is directly operated upon. In the case of digital processing, the electric signal is mathematically operated with a set of algorithms.


How Is Audio Signal Processing Done?

For audio signal processing, there are several models with different compression and filtering standards. In every model input signal is segmented into quasi-stationary frames. This segmentation ranges from 2 to 50 ms. Estimation of these frames is done through time-frequency analysis. Choosing of time- frequency is basically to match the process of analysis followed by a human auditory system.

An “analog” is a way of continuous indication of mathematical values. In an analog signal, the data is streamed continuously in the form of current or voltage. In analog signal processing, this continuous stream of current or voltage is physically altered.

Digitization is a way of representing a particular value in binary numbers. In digital signal processing, the input signal is processed for compression, filtering, and transmission with the help of digital circuits such as computers and microchips.


How Is Audio Signal Processing Useful?

Any signal processing is basically a way of improving the signal and its amplification. In this processing, the improvisation is done by removing noise and other unwanted elements from the input signal. This signal is further processed by compressing and leveling it.

These days digital signal processing is being significantly used in several electronic appliances. Besides audio signal processing, video and image signals are also processed.

The audio signal processing application is being extensively used in the field of communication. Cell phone communication can be a prominent example of audio signal processing. Here signals are compressed and filtered through a digital signal process. With help of this technology, an operator can accommodate several signals simultaneously within a small space, otherwise called as “cell” in mobile communication terminology.