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Define asexual reproduction in animals:

Asexual reproduction is defined as the process in which single parent is involved in offspring production. No fertilization and fusion of gametes takes place in this type of reproduction. This type of reproduction is seen in case of lower animals like hydra and microscopic organisms like amoeba. Asexual reproduction generally involves two methods namely budding and binary fission.

Budding takes place in case of hydra and binary fission is generally seen in case of microscopic organisms. Cloning is a process used for producing exact copy of organisms.


In this method an outgrowth from the parent body results in the formation of an individual. This outgrowth also known asbuds results from splitting of certain cells from the parental body. Organism detaches itself from the parental body after it attains maturity. Since bud formation results in individual development this method is known asbudding. This type of method is seen in case ofhydra.  Buds can be observed on permanent slides of hydra if placed under microscope.

Binary fission

It is another method of asexual reproduction in which individual parent results in off spring development. This kind of asexual reproduction is generally observed in case of microorganisms. In this method nuclei of cell divides into two individual nucleus. This is followed by division of body in such a way that each part receives a nucleus. Finally the two cells detach from each other resulting in two daughter cell production. As the genetic material inside the nucleus is equally divided the daughter cells thus formed are identical to each other. This process can be observed in case of amoeba.

Cloning of cells

Cloning is defined as the process by which exact copy of an organism is produced. Successful cloning of animals was performed byIan Wilmut and his co workers for the first time in case of sheep. The cloned sheep was named Dolly.Animals born with the help of cloning process generally have abnormalities associated with them

Asexual Reproduction In Animals Homework Help