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Agile Manufacturing

Agile manufacturing is a process of manufacturing the product by coordinating all the branches of the business organization. In agile manufacturing not only people are linked together but technology also integrated with another. This concept has been adopted by most of the organization to endorse the standardization of the product. The need of the agile project is increasing by looking global competition and mass marketing is also being converted into niche marketing. Co–operation among the companies which are in direct competition into the market are also becoming necessary. An agile project is not only enforced by company side but it is also being adopted by looking customer expectation from the products. The customer wants low volume, high quality and customized products which are enforcing company to adopt the process that can satisfy the customer need and make them delighted.

There are certain things which are known as a key is driven factor for an agile project like customer need which changes with time and repositions the company against competitors. There are various other factors which are making more attraction in the eyes of organizational structure like quickly changes product mix and protect itself with the recession


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There are certain benefits of the adoption of the agile manufacturing, few of them are listed below:

  • It allows customer integrated manufacturing, designing, marketing and other business activity to perform better in the market. It also reduces the variable cost of manufacturing irrespective of the volume of the products.
  • It provides flexible manufacturing process to increase and decrease the production unit.
  • The customer is the main focus of all the companies to produce a better quality product by analyzing the collected view.
  • This method of manufacturing is also driven by the customer expectation and what they are expecting from the companies.
  • Agile manufacturing is used by Chinese car Maker Company to provide the car to the end user within three days of ordering.
  • The main reason for the adoption of the agile manufacturing is its flexibility; the firm can easily change the process of the developing product by looking the market demand.
  • Technology is also playing an important role to making easy access to the information about the product and give their suggestions for the betterment of the product quality.


Agile Manufacturing Homework Help