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Access Specifier and Constructor Assignment Help

Consider The Following Program

My pack1

D. class

E. class

Package mypack1;

Public class E


Public int I;



System. Out. Prinln(“ inside  E()”);



Import mypack1 .E;

Class test


Public static void main (string args [ ])


E e1 = new E ();

System. Out. Prinln(e1 . i);



We got an error while creating an object of class E in test .java because , constructor defined in class E has no access specifier which means its accessibility is default and we know the behavior of default outside the packages. Once the constructer is not available, the object of that class cannot be created. so to avoid the error , it is a must to define the constructor as public. Whenever we use packages, it is necessary to define the constructor of all the classes as public, so that it would be possible to create objects of those classes even outside their package. In the case, the class should also be public. We cam mention a constructor as public, private, protected, default. It cannot be static.


Access Specifier and Constructor Homework Help

Access specifiers are not applicable to the local variables because the scope of local variables is confined to the method or function in which they are present. Access specifier of the default constructor that would be provided by the compiler is always public. The constructors of system class are private, its object cannot be created and without object we cannot access the non- static members. Because of their reason everything defined inside the system class is declared as static except the constructors.